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Pacific Eyewear was founded in 1997 in the Seattle, Washington area.  Our founders have 45+ years of expertise in the eyewear industry with vast experience in the Sports and Specialty eyewear categories.  We have collections designed for all types of Fishing, Hunting, and Shooting sports.  Additionally, we offer OTG-OverTheGlasseyewear designed to fit over prescription eyeglasses.  Currently our products retail from a high of $74.99 for our Platinum Edge premium Polarized Polycarbonate Bifocals, to $14.99 for our Shooter's Edge® Z87.1 Safety Standard glasses for shooting sports and other safety applications.

PHILOSOPHY & MISSION: Our expertise has taught us that first we must develop and design a product that is highly desirable, functional and priced right for the marketplace.  Next, to help our retail business partners we research and invest in high quality, eye-catching, thoughtful and informative in-store displays to help the consumer quickly locate and find the right product.  Clear, colorful and correctly sized display graphics along with coordinated hang tags makes the shopping experience fast and easy.

Our goal is to eliminate CC”, customer confusion and “CE”, cluster effect. Our merchandising strategy is to present eyewear using a highly organized plan-o-gram based on how the customer wants to shop for eyewear.  We call this the "Rifle" approach or Style Specific, as opposed to what most eyewear companies use, an assorted or "Shotgun"approach.  Specifics like lens color, bifocal power, size, and style along with color coordinated hang tags and informative signs help the customer make a quicker well informed decision. 

: Our success has been built upon our Philosophy and Merchandising, which eliminates customer confusion while in the store shopping for eyewear.  Our retail partners are extremely happy and we consistently achieve the highest sell through numbers.

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Please let us know what your needs and questions are.  We will be more than happy to help.